Lucas Tetrault

We asked Lucas Tetrault from Whitinger Strategic Services questions about his time as a 2018 Campaign Loaned Executive. Read all of Lucas’s answers below…

1) How would you describe our nonprofit to someone new?

I would say that the United Way is incredibly focused and determined to hit their goal of putting themselves out of a job. They are an organization that truly cares about our community and is seeking to better the lives of everyone in it.

2) What inspires you to become involved with the loaned executive program?

I felt inspired to join United Way as a loaned executive on a whim if I am being honest. I was approached and without hesitation, I said, "YES! I'll do it!" My answer was rooted in the belief that this opportunity would give me a chance to make both big and small impacts in the community.

3) What is your “why” for volunteering to be a loaned executive?

My kids. I want them to be proud of me for doing what I can to not only help the United Way but to help our community. I want to provide them a path to follow - to show them how to not just talk about getting involved but to do it.

4) What is a memorable moment about the work you did for us?

It was the day of the “reveal” and I had just received an e-mail from one of the prospects that I was trying to get to donate to the campaign – and they decided to make a contribution that day! Being able to walk into the celebration that night with another donor for the 2018 campaign was just icing on the cake!

5) What is something of value that you learned or were able to take away from this program that has helped you in your life or work?

Being a loaned executive meant that we were able to attend multiple workshops in preparation for the campaign push to get us ready to do our part. The time management and speaking tips that I took away from these presentations were insightful and provided me a lot of useful information that I could apply at my job.

6) What would you pass along to your co-workers?

Many of my co-workers support not-for-profits in our community and I know that practically every one of them donates to the United Way – that said, I think that I would just encourage them to get actively involved in one of many of the United Way’s programs or to become a loaned executive in the future if they’re looking to make a lasting impact.

7) Tell me something that surprised you as a loaned executive?

Time … time was the most surprising part of all of this to me. In the business world, we’re all busy, and I get that. I just didn’t realize how long it would take to either set up a meeting or get a response from potential supporters. Though, with some dedication, eventually you get that response you’re looking for and it makes all the difference and can definitely make an impression.

8) Explain the benefits of networking through this program?

As a loaned executive you get to meet A LOT of people. You get to meet other loaned executives from a plethora of organizations and businesses from around town. You get to set up and have meetings with important decision makers and shakers from well established companies looking to become supporters of the United Way. Best of all, you get to meet other volunteers and learn about their stories and why they support the United Way. Not to mention having a wonderful chance opportunity to meet and talk with someone who the United Way has directly helped in some fashion. That’s when you get why the work is so important and why being a part of the effort means more than what you might’ve previously thought.