There were many challenges in Stephen’s life, but a strong spirit enabled him to conquer them all. That is, until he landed on hard times ending with no home, no gas, and no food for more than five days. With nowhere to turn, he called United Way’s 211 line to find assistance. Thanks to your support, assistance is exactly what he found.

Stephen was connected to The Salvation Army, a funded partner of United Way. Lt. Mary Robbins recalls, “Stephen was in despair and having trouble finding his way in life, I knew we had to help him.” Since Stephen had no way to access the pantry, she put together a grocery order and delivered it to him. Food and a smile were just the beginning of Stephen’s relationship with The Salvation Army.

With the absolute basics addressed, Lt. Robbins assessed his needs fully. Without transport, he wasn’t able to access resources available in the community; so, The Salvation Army helped with gas and continued to support him with food. Then, Stephen began volunteering with The Salvation Army, helping others in need.

He decided that without a local home, and no family or friends outside the The Salvation Army, he would be better off moving out of the area and making a fresh start. Lt. Robbins helped Stephen access a shelter, which also helped him with job skills.

He is now steadily employed and enjoying a stable, healthy, and sufficient life. Because of support from donors like you, The Salvation Army was able to help meet Stephen’s basic needs in the short-term, which provided the foundation for Stephen to put his life back together long-term—thank you!

Individuals in Delaware County facing hardships need a stable resource to turn to. Your funds ensure programs like The Salvation Army are there with open arms waiting to help. Will you continue to make an impact today?