“I used to be a liar. I used to be conniving. I used to be a thief,” Rebecca says as she describes the rocky past she had before going to the YWCA. No longer able to couch surf, Rebecca sought emergency shelter at the YWCA. Funding from United Way and your support give women in need a place to turn when times get hard.

When she first arrived, YWCA’s residential director initiated a series of case-management meetings to help Rebecca set her goals. “I set the goal to take classes at Work One,” Rebecca said. “I set a goal to start fitness classes. I set a goal to get health insurance and see a doctor.”

With your support, Rebecca reached all of her goals! She finished her classes at Work One and passed the exams. She began exercising at the YWCA. Rebecca obtained health insurance and made appointments for routine care. “I can go to the doctor,” she said. “I can go to a dentist. I can get my medicine now so my blood pressure won’t be through the roof. I felt a sense of accomplishment because I got all those goals done. Everything I wanted to do, I did.”

After those quick wins, Rebecca was motivated to set her goals higher. “I’ve set a goal to get my CNA license in the next month,” she said. “I also made a plan to see a therapist for my mental health.”

Staying at the YWCA was an adjustment for Rebecca. Before living at the YWCA, she preferred to hang out with friends. “We just chilled,” she said. “It was always, we’ll do that the next day, and the next day never came.” Living at the YWCA changed Rebecca’s mentality. “I told myself that if I was accepted here, I would stay here long enough to get myself better. I had to realize that the world didn’t revolve around me. Even though I want it to, it doesn’t. It wasn’t easy. It was actually kind of hard. But it has to be hard. If they didn’t stay on you, nobody living at the YWCA would do what they need to do to reach their goals. I just think it’s a good place to be. The YWCA has helped me get so much accomplished.”

Your support gave Rebecca a safe space to work on herself and her goals. She wouldn’t have achieved them without you and the United Way funded YWCA—thank you! More women in need are searching for resources to turn their lives around. You can help. Will you make an impact today?