United Way of Delaware County’s bold goal is to ensure all children are reading at grade level by 2024. Funded partner MuncieP3 Afterschool Academic Enrichment Program (MP3) is one piece of the solution—a crucial piece that is only made possible with contributions from donors like you.

Peyton Hensley entered MP3 as an extremely quiet, respectful young girl. Together, the MP3 staff and Peyton’s guardians set goals for Peyton to make advancements in her academic skills. Little did they know, she would accomplish her academic goals and flourish socially! 

While working toward her own achievements, Peyton embraced MP3’s commitment to community and helped her peers do the same. She became everyone’s biggest cheerleader as she motivated her community friends. 

Your support contributed to Peyton’s self-discovery as she became comfortable in her own skin, embraced who she is and what drives her, and built a support system among the MP3 community—what a transformation! The MP3 community wouldn’t be the same without her, as she is a true asset.

Still, there are more children like Peyton who rely on programs like MP3 to help them succeed both academically and socially. You can provide the foundation for their success. Will you make an impact and help children achieve their goals and pave the way for their future success?