When Martin started kindergarten in the Muncie P3 (MP3) program, he rarely spoke, and when he did, no one could understand him. During the first few weeks of the program, he sat quietly, listening, but not participating or smiling. He was extremely shy and hesitant to interact with other children and adults. His scores on initial academic assessments indicated a need for intensive intervention.

United Way and donor support helped Martin come out of his shell! He began to smile and interact with other children and, while still behind academically, teachers saw growth. By the end of third grade, Martin was unrecognizable as the shy, hesitant boy who entered the program. He is now a leader among his classmates and has made tremendous growth academically. He has progressed the most of any student in the program—academically and socially.

Martin’s mother, a single mom with two children, has been a model parent in her true partnership and commitment to her son and the MP3 program. Martin and his mother exemplify the purpose of MP3, a true partnership with families and the school to support children’s academic and character growth. Martin and his mother are truly one of the greatest success stories of MP3.

You helped a shy boy thrive socially and academically—thank you! Your support allows more children like Martin to grow and enter the pathway to success. Will you make an impact today?