Many of us take for granted how much of a blessing it is to have safe and reliable transportation. We get in our cars in the morning, walk to the bus stop, or carpool with friends without a second thought because it’s our routine. However, there are many people in our community who do not have the ability to drive any longer, the energy to walk to the bus stop, or friends with whom to carpool. What happens to these people? How do they make it to appointments, the grocery store, the mall, or anywhere in general? Often, this task of finding a ride is given to a caregiver.

To caregivers like Lisa, LifeStream Services’ transportation vans, funded in part by United Way and generous donors like you, are a true blessing. Lisa’s mother is 87-years-old and legally blind. Her mother’s health and well-being are top priorities for her, but she also has her own life to lead. Lisa is employed full-time and is an only child. If it weren’t for LifeStream, caring for her mother would become her full-time job. Whenever an errand must be run or a doctor’s appointment is scheduled, all Lisa has to do is call LifeStream. The transportation drivers treat Lisa’s mother as if she were their own. They come to her mother’s door and help her on and off the bus, ensuring that she is safe at all times. Thank you for providing seniors with reliable and safe transportation!

“It has truly been a blessing to me. Without LifeStream’s transportation, I would have to quit my job and care for my mother full-time or my mother would be totally homebound. So thank you LifeStream and all of the drivers and personnel who take my calls. I can’t say enough nice things about you guys!”

Your support allows seniors to remain independent and caregivers to feel comforted knowing their loved ones have access to reliable transportation. Will you make an impact and help other seniors in our community today?