Kaylee is a second grader at Longfellow Elementary. She was retained in the 2nd grade because of her struggles in language and reading, after beginning the school year with a reading level equivalent to an end-of-the-year kindergartener. Longfellow recommended that Kaylee get involved with an after-school program to support her academic needs. Her mother asked specifically for the Buley Center's after-school program.

Because of funding from United Way of Delaware County and generous supporters like you, the Buley Center found a tutor who specialized in the areas in which Kaylee struggled. The combined efforts of Longfellow Elementary, Kaylee's parents, and the Buley Center resulted in Kaylee’s eagerness to learn, pride in her work, and achievement in improving her grades. She experienced significant strides in language and reading, and for the first time, Kaylee made the honor roll! Kaylee’s accomplishments wouldn’t have been possible without your support!

She set the goal of staying on the honor roll for the remainder of the school year. She loves attending the Buley Center and talks constantly about the activities, friends and caring staff. The staff hopes that Kaylee will be ready for IREAD-3 when the time comes, and that she will pass with flying colors.

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