Last summer, an elderly gentleman named John attended the Delaware County tailgate, a food assistance program funded in-part by United Way and donors like you. He approached Second Harvest Food Bank’s staff and said he didn’t know what he would do without the services the organization provided.

His speech was slurred as he told the staff his appreciative story about the food he was receiving. John told them about his life and how he had a stroke, then lost his job and health insurance. He confessed that he felt so ashamed because for years he had a good job and, when he would go by the Tailgate or food pantries and see people in line, he would say to his friends or to anyone who would listen, “All they have to do is get a job!” He thought they were lazy.

“Now I know differently,” John said. “Bad things can happen to people who try to work and do the right thing. I never thought something like this would ever happen to me.”

After a tragic stroke, John’s life changed. You helped him get back on his feet and access necessities, such as food, through United Way funded partner programs—thank you! Many people in Delaware County are struggling to make ends meet after facing unforeseen circumstances. Will you make an impact in their lives today?