It can be extremely hard to be yourself in such a judgmental world. Because of this, many shy children face the overwhelming feeling to hide or disappear. Johnny Wills is one of those children. When he first came to the Roy C. Buley Center a few years ago, he needed help breaking out of his shell. Luckily, Buley’s United Way funded Edge Program for Academic Enrichment was able to do just this. Because of your help in funding United Way programming, Johnny has grown socially and is able to further what he has learned during school in Edge. He’s truly become one with the Buley family.

Your support ensures programs like Edge welcome Johnny and jumpstart each child’s social and academic development. When you give to United Way, not only are you impacting Johnny’s life, but also his mother Dianna’s. In regards to Johnny’s advancements, she said, “His personality has blossomed so much. I love picking him up and seeing how he is interacting with everyone!” Additionally, Johnny’s teachers have reported that he is participating more in class and exceeding expectations.

You have helped Johnny make a full transformation and find his inner confidence. Now, Dianna has the peace of mind that Johnny is in a high-quality after school program, furthering the track for continual success in school and life.

There are countless other families in Delaware County facing the same challenges as Dianna and Johnny. Will you make an impact and help those families thrive?