Joey entered Apple Tree Child Development Center as a young boy struggling to participate. Due to a lack of social and emotional developments, he was left unable to communicate and engage with his peers. He faced speech delays that made him hard to understand. This was his first time in group child care and he did not know how to integrate into a classroom setting. Joey had difficulty forming friendships, expressing his feelings, and ultimately developing the social and emotional skills necessary to enter kindergarten ready to succeed.

United Way of Delaware County focuses on ensuring all children are reading at grade-level by third grade, as it is the single most indicator of success in school and life. When you give to United Way, you are strategically investing in programs like Apple Tree, whose staff pour their time and effort into getting children ready for kindergarten and on the path to success in school and life. 

United Way donors made it possible for Joey’s teacher and Apple Tree’s administrator to partner with his parents, discussing his needs and uniting as a team to improve his behavior

The next few months were not easy. Everyone on Joey’s team worked hard to support him, using the same wording and having consistent expectations and consequences. In time, he was not being sent home early for behavioral issues like breaking into screaming and crying fits when things did not go his way. With coaching, Joey adopted Apple Tree’s techniques of calming himself down in tough situations. His behavior improved and he was able to enjoy being a part of the group!

Because of United Way donors like you, Joey gained support from the Apple Tree community. Together, they helped him become a brighter, stronger version of himself. Joey’s parents continue to work with him using the strategies learned throughout the year. 

Like Joey, there are many children facing social and emotional developmental challenges. Will you make an impact today by helping a child access the resources he or she needs to succeed in school and life?