Little Brother Jake was enrolled in Big Brothers Big Sisters by his single mother because of his lack of a male role model in their family. Jake’s mother thought he needed a male to look up to and mentor him. Jake was doing well in school, but needed someone consistent to help him steer clear of unwise choices and help him work toward his future goals. Thanks to your support, Jake was matched with a wonderful Big Brother, Grant!

He and Grant were matched last summer and have been having a great time together since. Because of support from United Way donors, the Brothers have gone fishing, played miniature golf, visited local businesses such as The Artist Within, and much more! Since being matched, Jake has shown improved behavior at school. Jake’s mother says the experience has been nothing but positive and she is grateful that Jake has expanded his support system. Enrolling Jake in the program has given him the opportunity to share and learn new things beyond her capabilities and has given him something to look forward to.

Now, Grant holds Jake accountable and helps keep him on track through positive encouragement. Jake’s mother is confident that the relationship between Jake and Grant is one that will be long-lasting and will help Jake grow into a successful man.

Your support provides children with resources for growth and encouragement—thank you! There are still many children in Delaware County searching to expand their support system. Will you help them by making an impact today?