It is critical that families in need have assistance in navigating the complex health care system. With proper follow-up, individuals can secure preventive care to ensure positive future health outcomes or maintain control over health challenges.

Early access to insurance programs and help in overcoming obstacles in the health care system can improve the quality of life for children and their families and save community resources in the long run. Support from donors like you make it possible for individuals and families to take control of their health care and prevent costly trips to the emergency room or hospital.



Your donations transform lives.

Success for Cancer Services Little Red Door of East Central Indiana’s cancer clients does not always mean a cure. In these cases, thanks to United Way and generous donor funding, Little Red Door provides services and supplies that promote their clients’ dignity and comfort regardless of life expectancy.

Because of sudden onset of macular degeneration in 2007 which severely affected her eyesight, Gloria was forced to retire after 41 years as a local grocery store clerk. As a store clerk, Gloria knew each customer by name and took a personal interest in their lives, always making time to listen to their  accomplishments

Several years ago, Tara, along with her four kids at the time, came to A Better Way, a partner agency supported by United Way and transformative donors like you. They came in the spring with nothing more than a diaper bag, her purse, and the clothes on their backs. Tara’s children were all ages 6 and under.