Because of sudden onset of macular degeneration in 2007 which severely affected her eyesight, Gloria was forced to retire after 41 years as a local grocery store clerk. As a store clerk, Gloria knew each customer by name and took a personal interest in their lives, always making time to listen to their struggles and accomplishments. In the 1960’s, Gloria learned how to survive independently as a working single mom of three. The thought of losing this independence was difficult to accept as Gloria’s social activities would now be limited due to her loss of driving skills and the inability to participate in activities that required sight. 

Becoming isolated and depressed with the unexpected adjustments in life is often the story of Alpha Center’s clients as they age. Gloria recognized this lack of socialization in her life and the need for a positive outlet to experience purpose once again. Stepping into the role of caregiver, her daughter encouraged program participation at the Alpha Center so that Gloria would maintain a level of independence. Because of funding from United Way of Delaware County and its generous donors, Alpha Center provides programming to seniors to prevent isolation.

It will be nine years since Gloria began attending the Alpha Center once a week. She has declined mobility and cognitive skill, in addition to the sight impairment, caused by the effects of aging. She now attends Alpha Center three times a week for continued social contact and stimulation. Gloria’s caregiver reports that “without Alpha Center, mom would not have been able to continue living in her home. She definitely has benefited from the socialization and stimulation offered.” 

Thank you for your help in allowing Gloria and other seniors in similar situations to remain independent! There are still aging individuals who need your help. Will you make an impact today?