Years ago, as a ninth grader at Muncie Southside High School, Devon was matched with a Project Leadership mentor named Marcus. United Way of Delaware County and donor support makes mentorship connections like this one possible.

While Devon graduated from high school with a strong GPA, his SAT scores were too low for admittance to Ball State, and he was put on its waiting list. Devon and Marcus discussed options, called Project Leadership for advice, and created a plan that would improve Devon’s chances of acceptance. Devon was eventually able to attend Ball State as a Computer Science major, and he absolutely loves it.

He admits that he struggled his first semester. "It’s different from high school," he explains. “In high school you just had to do what was needed to get points. There was a lot of fluff – assignments, extra credit, and participation points – that allowed anyone who really wanted good grades to get them,” he says. “I didn’t need to do a lot of studying. In college, however, you have to have a deep and thorough understanding of the material. I’ve wanted to quit, but I know I just have to keep working. I won’t earn the good grades I’m used to this semester, but I’m optimistic that next semester will be better.”

When talking about his mentor, Devon explains that Marcus’ rock solid support is invaluable. He says of his mentor, “He is a great person! He provided a straight line for me to follow and supported me when I needed it most. Having him come for lunch each week and being able to talk things over with him was the greatest thing for me!”

Thank you for building Devon’s support system and making college a part of his roadmap to success! Many other teens need guidance and encouragement in achieving their educational goals. Will you help them by making an impact today?