When Chelsea was in the fifth grade, her Motivate Our Minds teacher, Ms. Rosanne, recommended her for the MOMs Pathways to Success program. The Pathways to Success program, funded by United Way and donors like you, is designed to encourage potential first generation college students to set college as a goal. Chelsea stood out as a student and understood the importance of earning a good education.

In recognition of her efforts, Pathways to Success mentors chose Chelsea to present the student graduation ceremony speech. Within her speech, Chelsea applied her learning and challenged the audience by stating that in order to be successful, one must make a life plan, work hard, and be persistent. She told the audience, “I have learned so many things from Motivate Our Minds. I have learned who I want to be: It is ME. I have broadened my horizons and career choices. I now am looking at possibly being a policewoman, teacher or doctor.”

She continues to be a high achieving student who strives for excellence. It is because of her experiences at MOMs, made possible by you, that we can look forward to Chelsea becoming a future leader in our community. There are more children in our community who need a support system to provide encouragement and guidance. Will you help a child and make an impact today?