Dan was a college student living in Bloomington when he became a father and was granted custody of his baby girl, Becca. With this big life change, he knew he needed the support and assistance of his family, so he returned home to Muncie. It was then that he sought affordable child care, leading him to United Day Care Center. 

Thanks to United Way donors, United Day Care Center offers a sliding fee scale that helps families who do not yet qualify for public assistance through the Child Care Development Fund (CCDF). Parents must be working or going to school full time in order to receive CCDF vouchers.

United Way donors made it possible for Becca to have the very best quality child care while her daddy found a job to support them. A high-quality child care experience was crucial in Becca’s development, as she was already behind in developing language and socialization skills necessary to enter kindergarten ready to succeed. Like many parents in similar situations, Dan wanted what was best for his daughter, but the stress of finding a job and relocating his family prevented him from being able to ensure Becca was meeting important developmental benchmarks.

While United Day Care Center devoted time to getting Becca back on track in being successful at school, Dan got a full-time job and CCDF support. This freed up United Way funding to help another family in urgent need.

As is so often the case in trying economic times, Dan’s hours were cut back, disqualifying him from CCDF. But, because of you, United Way was once again able to provide Dan with the sliding fee scale he needed to keep Becca on the path to success at United Day Care Center while he searched for another job. The consistency of care for Becca was necessary as she transitioned to saying actual words, rather than just making sounds. Plus, she was positively interacting with the other children at United Day Care Center! 

You have helped Dan and Becca reach a more financially stable position and make great strides. There are more families in our community facing similar struggles as Dan and Becca. Will you make an impact to ensure Delaware County families get back on the track for success?