Tony Harvey Believes in the Future of Muncie's Children 


I firmly believe that children should not have to worry about what their next meal will be. That should be a given. What they wear, where they sleep, and how their parents care for them should never be their concern. All children should have to concentrate on is how to grow their minds and how to become good leaders in the future. This is why I support United Way.

I've seen too many children spend all of their energy worrying about their basic necessities. If they have to think about the factors that hinder them in life, how will they make progress? What does personal growth mean when you're hungry?
When a child has his or her needs met, learning comes naturally. If we can just accomplish this, we can change the trajectory of their entire life. We have a short life on earth. If we want the generations after us to maintain the communities we live in, then we have to invest our time in them. What they need is support. They need to hear, "You can do this."

I got involved with United Way because the combined effort of the organizations in our community can make a change. We have to make sure that we can raise enough funds to put kids where they need to be. In the long run, the resources provided by United Way of Delaware County will build youth who will grow into successful citizens. If we don’t do that, the trend is going to continue.

We can’t be individuals. We have to be a community. If we believe in our kids and the impact they’ll have, then we will improve the future of each child and the future of Muncie.
— Tony Harvey