Every year, an anonymous donor gives a generous gift that allows the children in Longfellow Elementary School’s Reading Club to go to Books-A-Million and build their personal library. It’s near the end of the school year, and the donor hopes that providing children with their own books will keep them reading throughout summer break. Every year, volunteers come together to shop with the Reading Club members to make sure they are selecting books that are within their reading level, yet somewhat challenging.

I will never forget being Amaya’s personal shopper. She was very talkative and shared that her grandma was “very proud” of the personal library Amaya was building.

The children typically gravitate toward their favorite series. Amaya was different. She was very deliberate in her selections, choosing only to buy biographies and nonfiction. The reason she gave was simple. “My goal is to be the smartest girl in my class,” she said with a determined gleam in her eyes.

A big thank you goes out to the volunteers who worked so hard to make sure Amaya's reading and comprehension skills were solid by the end of her third grade year. Thank you also to the wise, anonymous donor who finds a way to fill the students' summers with books and a love for reading.

Goals like Amaya’s are within reach because of their efforts. Now, we need your help to extend this opportunity to other schools’ Reading Clubs. Will you make an impact and help a child build their personal library?