Thanks to support from donors like you, United Way funds A Better Way’s AOK program at Southside Middle School. The agency partners with the Muncie Animal Shelter's ‘Dog Tails’ program to send trained shelter dogs, along with a staff person, to AOK every Tuesday. This gives the students a chance to read one-on-one with shelter dogs for 10 to 15 minutes. The students often feel more comfortable reading to dogs rather than adults. Your support is giving children the resources—and comfort—they need to advance their reading skills. 

One student in particular, Allie, benefited from the AOK-Animal Shelter partnership. Allie wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up, so every Tuesday during AOK, she is in heaven reading to the dogs. She approached the AOK staff to see if she could learn more about opportunities to volunteer at the Muncie Animal Shelter. She got permission from her guardians and the AOK staff helped her fill out the necessary volunteer paperwork to make it happen. Now, she volunteers at the shelter grooming cats and the other pets. Allie’s mother relayed that her daughter loves volunteering and is learning so much.

Because of you, Allie is advancing academically and is able to follow her dreams of becoming a veterinarian—thank you! There are many children in our community like Allie who want to pursue their passions from a young age. You can help them. Will you make an impact today?