We have one life. To live better, we must Live United.

Today, a little over a quarter of Delaware County households live one crisis away from falling into poverty. These working families (or ALICE—Asset-Limited, Income-Constrained, Employed) face daily obstacles hindering their health, education, and financial stability. Their lives—and futures—can change, but they need your help.

By strategically funding 28 local programs and working toward a bold goal of ensuring all third graders read at grade level by 2024, we are making strides toward a better tomorrow. We are on our way, but we need your support.

We've identified the obstacles, and now it's time to conquer generational poverty and create a better future for Delaware County.


Change the future for working families in Delaware County.



Our work to end generational poverty is not possible without advocates, donors, community partners, and so many more. The articles below dive into the how and why individuals in Delaware County are drawn to making a difference in the lives of others. Learn more about the working families stuggling to make ends meet who are impacted by this incredible dedication and work. 

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